PHOTOS BY FANON is a brand development, headshot and portrait photography company, based in Atlanta, GA. It is owned and operated by Nick F. Nelson. The "F" stands for Fanon (pronounced fuh-nawn).


My passion for photography and video grew out of my love of creating home videos for my family. After several years of working insane hours as an entertainment marketing executive for LIQUID SOUL, a lifestyle marketing agency that I own in Atlanta, I decided that I needed a hobby. Since that time I've studied that art of photography and what was once an occasional activity reserved solely for my family, has since developed into a talent that I have leveraged for LIQUID SOUL, and now I extend to you.  



PHOTOS BY FANON is not your typical photography company. I prefer to shoot people on location and in simulated studio environments utilizing a variety of lighting and light modifier setups. This technique allows me to capture images that are stunning, convey mood and emotion. Before each session, I ask a series of questions to get to know you, your personality and what it is you like to do. We then collaborate to develop the creative direction for your shoot. 

During our session, I'll capture headshots and traditional portraits, but will reserve some of our time together photographing candid moments that reflect your lifestyle and unique personality.  I do this because I want to see the real you in front of the lens. This technique, in turn, creates stunning results that are you, only better! My images are honest and intentionally include some imperfections as I believe that perfection eradicates authenticity. Therefore, I limit the excessive use of Photoshop or other editing tools.



PHOTOS BY FANON is not my full-time job. In addition to owning a marketing firm, I am also a dedicated husband, father, and caregiver for my mother. Therefore, I can only accept a limited number of appointments each week. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please go to the CONTACT page and leave your information. Please note that available time slots do tend to fill up quickly, however, I will make every attempt to fulfill your request promptly. I look forward to working with you and helping you to create images that will last a lifetime.


- Nick