A BRAND is an emotion it's more than a logo. During the BRAND DEFENITION Phase, BRANDPRENUER works with you to look inward and helps you to evaluate and define how you feel about yourself, to recognize how others feel about you and to define how you would like people to feel and perceive your brand. This is achieved through the following service offerings:


1 - 2 hour strategy session Defining the who, what, where, when and why of your brand helping you to identify

  • Your target audience
  • What problem you’re solving
  • Defining your unique selling feature
  • Assessing where you are and who you’ve been talking to
  • Tactics on how to reach your ideal client
  • Leave with a scope of work to build your dream business



  • Assessing your current image and mapping it against who you’re trying to target, then identify the gaps

  • Providing consult on what to wear and how you’re perceived

  • Is there a disconnect on how you present yourself vs. your message

  • Identify your comparisons and tackle the differences

  • Leave with recommendations and action plan to define your image